Peepshow - A sassy, sexy and very funny novel introducing Simone Kirsch (aka Vivien Leigh), stripper and PI, who is determined to find the real killer of strip club owner, Frank Parisi.

Peepshow (Simone Kirsch)
By Leigh Redhead

Simone Kirsch aka Vivien Leigh is intelligent, sexy and funny.

And she needs it all as she goes undercover at The Red Room to find out who killed the sleazy owner, Francesco 'Frank' Parisi. It's the only way to get her best friend Chloe back from Frank's underworld brother Sal who says he'll kill her unless Simone comes up with the real murderer, pronto.

Always resourceful, Simone has a few tricks up her sleeve . . . and she's never been afraid of getting herself into sticky situations. But now she's tangling with the city's most corrupt cop, some crazy strippers and a rockabilly band called Las Vegas Grind.

A criminally witty romp on the sexy side of the mean streets.

With Peepshow, Redhead announces herself as the bright new kid on the crime block, less shabby chic than tart noir.' Sue Turnbull, Sydney Morning Herald

'Best new novel of the year' Graeme Blundell, Books of the Year, Crime, The Australian

'Who needs imports like Evanovich when there's a Redhead in St Kilda?' The Age

Also available at Allen & Unwin Book Publishers

Rubdown - Simone Kirsch and her best friend Chloe, celebrity stripper, return in Simone's first official case as a private investigator.

Rubdown (Simone Kirsch)
By Leigh Redhead

Simone Kirsch, P.I. has given up stripping and is trying to be straight. But she can never stay straight for long.

Simone is hired by prominent lawyer Emery Wade, to follow his wayward daughter Tamara. She's been taking drugs and working in the sex industry and Daddy fears a scandal that will affect not just his reputation, but that of her AFL-hotshot brother and his high-profile fiancee.

Tangling with a drug dealer, a sleazy brothel owner and a bizarre love quadrangle with three coppers, time is running out for Simone to get to the bottom of it all before someone tries to keep her quiet.

'First encountered in her brilliant debut Peepshow Kirsch returns in Rubdown as cool as a frost-free fridge. As she says, in their novels Phillip Marlowe or Kinsey Millhone never had to deal with guys coming at them with erections.' - The Australian

Also available at Allen & Unwin Book Publishers

Cherry Pie - Simone Kirsch - ex-stripper, sex kitten, private investigator and drinker of more cheap wine than is good for her - is back, setting up her own PI agency and getting into more trouble with her clients, her lovers and the police.

Cherry Pie (Simone Kirsch)
By Leigh Redhead

Just how much trouble can one girl get into? If it's Simone Kirsch, then it's a lot.

The Simone Kirsch Detective Agency - it has a ring about it that Simone loves. And she's willing to bump, grind and shimmy until she has money enough to make it happen. But nothing ever really runs quite to plan for Simone.

Andi Fowler, a childhood friend and now journalism student, turns up at the strip joint in need of a detective yet unwilling to tell Simone anything more than she's got something explosively big on someone in hospitality. And the whole frenetically fast, chaotically connected case starts right there.

By the next afternoon, Andi's vanished mysteriously. Restaurant corruption, an insane celebrity chef, an untraceable possum head, a conveniently absent boyfriend and a surprising amount of family history aside, Simone still has to deal with her continuing desire for Alex, her favourite policeman, while racing the clock in her desperate search for Andi.

With enough red herrings and jaw-dropping surprises to shake even Simone, Cherry Pie is unputdownable.

Also available at Allen & Unwin Book Publishers

Thrill City - Smart, sexy and strong-minded Simone Kirsch, ex-stripper and PI, returns in her fourth adventure - up to her neck in lethal fun and games on the writers' festival circuit.

Thrill City (Simone Kirsch)
By Leigh Redhead

Simone Kirsch, ex-stripper, sleuth and bad girl, is back in business - and before she has time to crack a bottle of cheap champagne to celebrate the opening of her very own detective agency, she's up to her neck in lethal fun and games.

It all starts off quite innocently, when a best-selling crime novelist, Nick Austin, wants to follow her around for a few days as background research for his next novel. But the day after he, his ex-wife and her new lover all appear on the same panel at a writers festival, his ex-wife is found brutally murdered and Nick disappears, leaving Simone with more trouble than she can handle.

While she can take murderous bikies, desperate publishers, poetry slams and a crystal meth-addicted psycho killer with literary ambitions in her stride, Simone is also juggling her very pregnant and possibly hormonally unbalanced best friend, Chloe; her ongoing attraction to ex-cop, Alex; and her boyfriend, Sean, who wants her to give up her agency and move to Vietnam.

All up, life is complicated - not to mention the fact that she's facing the toughest, most dangerous case of her career.

'Witty, quite brilliant...' Weekend Australian